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Cập nhật Item 1-7-2013

Cập nhật Item 1-7-2013

(*)Unreleased Cosmetic Items

– Centaur Warrunner’s Items

Dota2_Items_Centaur00 Dota2_Items_Centaur02 Dota2_Items_Centaur01

– Crystal Maiden’s Items

Dota2_Items_CM00 Dota2_Items_CM021 Dota2_Items_CM011

– Lich’s Items

Dota2_Items_Lich00 Dota2_Items_Lich01 Dota2_Items_Lich02

– Pudge’s Items


– The particle effect.


– Juggernaut’s Items

Flaming Blade (Effect still missing)


Nightstalker’s Items

Nighthunter set 

Dota2_Items_NS01 Dota2_Items_NS02 Dota2_Items_NS03 Dota2_Items_NS04
– Pudge’s Items

Hood of Defiance

Dota2_Items_Pudge01 Dota2_Items_Pudge02 Dota2_Items_Pudge03 Dota2_Items_PudgeIngame-600x467

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