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Cập nhật Item 15-8-2013 : International 2013

Cập nhật Item 15-8-2013 : International 2013

(*)International 2013 – The Items

International Couriers

– Fezzle-Feez the Magic Carpet Smeevil

smeevil_magic_carpet_large Dota2_SmeevilCarpet

– Osky the Ottragon

otter_dragon_large Dota2_Osky

 – Trapjaw the Boxhound



(*)Merchandise Items

– Batrider T-Shirt


– The Dreaded Forgewing

bat_shirt_armor_large Dota2_BR_Ingame

– Chaos Knight T-Shirt


-Entropic Battlegear of the Warrider Set

dota_item_entropic_battlegear_of_the_warrider_set_large chaos_knight_entropic_helmet_large chaos_knight_entropic_shoulderpads_large chaos_knight_entropic_axe_large Dota2_CK_Ingame01 Dota2_CK_Ingame02

– Juggernaut T-Shirt


– Dragon Sword

dragon_sword_large Dota2_Jugg_Ingame01-600x407 Dota2_Jugg_Ingame02

– Kunkka T-Shirt


– BladeBiter


– Puck T-Shirt


Dota2_PuckM Dota2_PuckF

– Aether-Wings

fairy_wing_large Dota2_Puck_Ingame01 Dota2_Puck_Ingame02

– Nature’s Prophet Plushie


Flowering Treant

treant_flower_1_npc_dota_furion_treant_large Dota2_FloweringTreants

Microplush Blindbox

Any one who unboxes a Shitty Wizard Microplush from the Blindboxes is awarded with a code for a new version of the Shitty Wizard courier.

donkey_unicorn_large Dota2_Garrad

(*)Lockless Luckboxes

– Alchemist’s Items

Prisoner’s Anchor

prison_ballchain_large Dota2_Alch_Ingame02

– Broken Shackles

prison_handcuff_large Dota2_Alch_Ingame01

– Chaos Knight’s Items

Chaos Knight’s Armlet of Mordiggian

chaos_knight_armlet_large Dota2_CK_Ingame03

– Crystal Maiden’s Items

Frost Owl’s Beacon

owl_staff_large Dota2_CM_Ingame

– Death Prophet’s Items

Crown of the Death Priestess

priestess_crown_large Dota2_DP_Ingame

– Dragon Knight’s Items

Crest of the Wyrm Lords

dragon_shield_large Dota2_DK_Ingame

– Invoker’s Items

Heaven-Piercing Pauldrons

immortal_armor_large Dota2_Invoker_Ingame

– Kunkka’s Items

Kunkka’s Shadow Blade

kunkka_shadow_blade_large Dota2_Kunkka_Ingame01 Dota2_Kunkka_Ingame02

– Lone Druid’s Items

Skull of Xahryx

skull_trophy_cap_large Dota2_LD_Ingame

– Nyx Assassin’s Items

Nyx Assassin’s Dagon

nyx_dagon_large Dota2_Nyx_Ingame

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