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Cập nhật Item 3-6-2013

Cập nhật Item 3-6-2013


– Medusa’s Items

Forsaken Beauty Set


Chi tiết Item:

forsaken_beauty_head_large forsaken_beauty_chest_large forsaken_beauty_bow_large forsaken_beauty_arms_large forsaken_beauty_tail_large

Model Viewer Shots

Dota2_Items_Medusa02 Dota2_Items_Medusa05 Dota2_Items_Medusa03 Dota2_Items_Medusa04. Dota2_Items_Medusa01

– Snipe’s Item

Dota2_Items_Sniper01 Dota2_Items_Sniper02 Dota2_Items_Sniper03

– Nature’s Prophet’s Items

scythe_of_vyse_large Dota2_Items_Furion01

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