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Cập nhật Item 7-6-2013

Cập nhật Item 7-6-2013


– Chen’s Items

Gemmed Armor of the Priest Kings Set

“Trust in faith, but wear good armor.”


Chi tiết Item:

head_desert_large neck_desert_large shoulder_desert_large weapon_desert_large mount_desert_large

Model Viewer Shots

Dota2_Items_Chen01 Dota2_Items_Chen02 Dota2_Items_Chen03

– Crystal Maiden’s Items

Frostiron Sorceress Set


Chi tiết Item:

np_hair_large np_shoulder_large np_arms_large np_back_large np_weapon_large

Model Viewer Shots

Dota2_Items_CM02 Dota2_Items_CM03

– Enchantress` Items

Aspects of Summer Set


Chi tiết Item:

anuxi_summer_head_large anuxi_summer_shoulder_large anuxi_summer_skirt_large anuxi_summer_arms_large anuxi_summer_spear_large

Model Viewer Shots

Dota2_Items_Enchant01 Dota2_Items_Enchant02 Dota2_Items_Enchant03

– Tuskar’s Items

Frostiron Raider Set

Dota2_Items_Tusk03 dota_item_frostiron_raider_set_large

Chi tiết Item:

frostiron_raider_helm_large frostiron_raider_tusks_large frostiron_raider_cape_large frostiron_raider_fist_large frostiron_raider_back_large frostiron_raider_axe_large

Model Viewer Shots

Dota2_Items_Tusk01 Dota2_Items_Tusk02 Dota2_Items_Tusk03

(*) Smeevil Upgrades

– Green Smeevil


– Red Smeevil and Mammoth

smeevil1_large smeevil_mammoth_large

 – Yellow Smeevil and Bird

smeevil2_large smeevil_bird_large

 – Purple Smeevil and Crab

smeevil3_large smeevil_crab_large

 – Smeevil Treat & Critter Egg

Smeevil Treat

“A tasty snack used to unlock new Smeevil styles.”


Critter Egg

“A magical egg used to unlock new Smeevil styles.”


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