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Cập nhật Item 8-3-2013

Cập nhật Item 8-3-2013

– Fiery Sould of the Slayer

( Thay đổi về ngoại hình, skill của Lina)

Dota2_Lina_Splash Dota2_Lina_ArcanaIngame02 Dota2_Lina_ArcanaIngame04 (1) Dota2_Lina_ArcanaIngame05

Bounty Hunter’s Items

Hunter in Distant Sands Set


Chi tiết item:

immortal_warrior_mask_large immortal_warrior_armor_large immortal_warrior_shuriken_large immortal_warrior_knife_large immortal_warrior_blades_large bounty_hunter_distant_sands Dota2_Items_BH01-600x794 Dota2_Items_BH02

– Leshrac’s Items

Twisted Wisdom Set


Chi tiết Item:

horn_of_wisdom_large vine_of_destruction_large tail_of_fame_large armor_of_torment_large leshrac_twisted_wisdom Dota2_Items_Lesh01 Dota2_Items_Lesh03

– Rubick’s Items

The Inscrutable Zeal Set


Chi tiết Item:

serpentinemystic_head_large serpentinemystic_back_large serpentinemystic_shoulder_large serpentinemystic_weapon_large rubick_zeal Dota2_Items_Rubick03 Dota2_Items_Rubick01 Dota2_Items_Rubick02

– Windrunner’s Items

Featherfall Set


Chi tiết Item:

anuxi_featherfall_hair_large anuxi_featherfall_pauldrons_large anuxi_featherfall_cape_large anuxi_featherfall_bow_large anuxi_featherfall_quiver_large windrunner_featherfall Dota2_Items_WR02 Dota2_Items_WR03 Dota2_Items_WR01

– Phantom Lancer’s Items

Feathered Naginata Spear


– Riki’s Items

Riki now has a Sange and Yasha bundle with two daggers in it.

weapon_yasha_large offhand_sange_large

– Kunkka’s Custom Ward


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