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Cập nhật ngày 27-2-2013

Cập nhật ngày 27-2-2013

(*) New Set:

– Alchemist’s Items

Alchemy Essentials Set


Chi tiết Item:

goblingoggles_large laboratoryessentials_large therespirator_large brutalblades_large musclepump_large alchemeyerflask_large Dota2_Set_Alc03

– Batrider’s Items

The Rough Rider of Yama Raskav Set


Chi tiết Item: 

mount_ruff_large head_ruff_large belt_ruff_large shoulder_ruffian_large Dota2_Set_BR03 Dota2_Set_BR02 Dota2_Set_BR01

– Dazzle’s Items

Ritual Garb of the Father Spirits Set


– Chi tiết Item: 

back_feathery_large arms_feathery_large skirt_feathery_large weapon_pipe_large Dota2_Set_Dazzle03 Dota2_Set_Dazzle01 Dota2_Set_Dazzle02

– Naga Siren’s Items

Designs of the Slithereen Nobility Set


Chi tiết Item:

anuxi_empress_head_large anuxi_empress_armour_2_large anuxi_empress_tail_2_large anuxi_empress_weapon_large anuxi_empress_offweap_large Dota2_Items_Naga02 Dota2_Items_Naga03

 – Nyx Assassin’s Items

Carapace of the Hidden Hive Set


Chi tiết Item:

nyx_back_bishobola_large nyx_bishobola_head_large nyx_bishobola_weapon_large Dota2_Set_Nyx03 Dota2_Set_Nyx02 Dota2_Set_Nyx01

 – Silencer’s Items

The Hidden Talent Set


Chi tiết Item:

iq_helm_large iq_shoulders_large iq_shield_large iq_bracers_large iq_robe_large iq_weapon_large Dota2_Set_Silencer03 Dota2_Set_Silencer02 Dota2_Set_Silencer01

– Weaver’s Items

Ember Tipped Carapace Set


Chi tiết Item:

etc_back_large etc_arms_large etc_head_large etc_legs_large Dota2_Set_Weaver02 Dota2_Set_Weaver01

(*) New Chest


 – New key


 (*) Danh sách Item trong chest mới:

– Double Vision ( New ward của Jakiro)


– Bottom Watcher ( New ward của Tide)


– The Shattered Blade of Levinthal ( Kiếm DK)

weapon_shattered_large Dota2_SKSword

– Grampa Sharpie’s Shin Shooter

snipers_grandfather_rifle_3_large Dota2_SniperGun

– Gramma Sharpie’s Smokin’ Rug

sniper_cape_rug_large Dota2_SniperCape

– Ragestone Axe

redstone_axe_large Dota2_AxeRed

– Gloried Horn of Druud

back_horn_fixed_large Dota2_CentaurHorn

– Big Bad Bandana

batmichaels_large Dota2_BATMICHAELS

– The Silent Ripper

the_silent_ripper_large Dota2_Slark

– Arcane Staff of the Ancients

weapon_astaffancients_large Dota2_KOTL Dota2_Particles_KOTLStaff-600x565

– Crystal Rift Unusual Effect

Dota2_Particles_Crystal02-600x418 Dota2_Particles_Crystal01-600x724

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